A new era of biometrics is here. My device's next-generation iris sensor opens up many fields to biometrics, including the following:

Mobile Payment


File Security


Identification and Authentication


Cloud Security




DRM (Digital Rights Management)



secure biometrics

Unmatched Security

My device's iris recognition technology has always been best-in-class. It is still the only iris recognition solution that is strong enough to be used even in payment systems.

secure biometrics

Live Check Algorithm

Our Live Check Algorithm detects changes in pupil size in response to flashes of light, making the My device iris recognition sensor completely immune to hacking attacks using a photograph of an eye.


biometrics for mobile applications

The World's Smallest

Our new sensor assembly is only 9mm * 11mm * 5mm! That's small enough to be integrated into a smartphone, tablet, or smart watch, or embedded in a small Bluetooth dongle held between the fingers.

iris sensor for smart devices

Anywhere, Any Light

Additionally, our sensor can reliably recognize your iris under any light, indoors or outdoors, whether your pupil is dilated or constricted. This is another requirement for use in mobile applications-- one that our competitors still can't meet.

About My device

Core Business

My device specializes in high-security iris recognition solutions. Our core technology provides a higher level of discriminatory power than any competitor, and is now available in a very small package at low unit cost.


We are actively seeking partners and looking to have our technology integrated into next-generation smart devices.

Intellectual Property

We hold several patents that protect our core technology, including the combination of physical elements in the sensor assembly.



  • beginnings


    Start of development of core technology

  • growing


    Completion of Algorithm and Iris recognition camera

  • best-in-class sensor


    Released sensor with higher level of discriminating power than any competitor

  • miniature sensor


    Released next-generation sensor with same strength as previous model, but smaller size (only 11mm * 9mm * 5mm) and lower unit cost

  • product development road map

    Road Map

    Sensor that can be used at greater distances; *Wi-Fi Dongle Portable Device

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